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Intu Blinds


Innovative blinds for modern windows

The Intu blind is a versatile blind that neatly integrates with all modern window systems, including tilt and turn and glazed doors. Available in Venetian (aluminium slat) and Pleated, both fit neatly inside the bead frame, so you can operate your window or door handles easily. The blind is held secure with tension cords that eliminate any 'rattle' against the glass. The Venetian option offers a wide range of slat colours in 16mm & 25mm slat widths. Similarly, a wide range of colours and performance materials in 20mm pleats are possible.

Slim line head rail

Tension system holds your blind in place

Window and door handles can be operated easily

Tilt operation on the Venetian can either be a slide control located on the head rail, or grips positioned as desired at the side of the blind.

Raising and lowering of both Venetian and Pleated Intu is extremely simple - just lift/lower the bottom rail and the inbuilt friction will hold the blind in the chosen position.

Intu is particularly 'child safe' as it has no hanging cords.