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Intu Bead Fit Blinds


Innovative blinds for modern windows
a fully integrated blind system for Venetian, Pleated and Cellular window blinds

No Screws, No Holes, Just style

Intu Beadfit is the latest innovation in the Intu range that gives you superior control of light and heat in your room, in a sleek and modern blind. The patented no-drill bracket system means that the blind can be clipped in place with no screw holes into your window frame.

Unique no drill bracket system

Intu Beadfit Venetian

Designed to fully integrate with all modern windows including tilt and turn and half-glazed doors, the unique design fits neatly into the frame of your windows and doors. Easy to operate, simply raise and lower the blind by hand using the bottom rail, neat and simple controls eliminate the need for cord controls making it one of the safest blinds available. With a choice of Venetian (aluminium), Pleated and NEW Cellular fabric, in an extensive range of colours and finishes.

Intu Beadfit Cellular

Intu Cellular is a unique fabric that give you superior insulation with a modern sleek look. It creates a soft diffused light in the room, the unique construction means that there are no visible holes in the fabric giving it a smooth contemporary finish. Each "honeycomb cell" in the fabric traps air, keeping your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, various duo-ton colour options are available including Blackout.

New Multi Zone

New Multizone option for Intu Pleated and Cellular is a new feature providing limitless options for height control and privacy. The innovative use of two adjustable rails allows the blind to be moved from the top down as well as the bottom upwards, the blind can be set at the exact position you require, to provide the shade you want whilst still allowing light into the room. Especially suitable for providing privacy in ground floor and basement flats, and shade for computer screens. Ideal for homes, conservatories and offices.