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Pleated Blinds

Whether it's a free-hanging window blind, shaped blinds for your conservatory roof or Iso-Pleated for your door or tilt and turn windows, our Pleated blind collection offers you the complete choice for your home. Our window and roof blinds will contribute the ideal finishing touch to your conservatory.

Fabric performance is important, especially for your conservatory roof - several ranges can control solar heat and glare. Our extensive range has been specially designed to meet your needs, being individually produced for any shape of size of window.

In a choice of attractive jacquards, weaves and plains, some with reflective backing, our pleated blinds give you the freedom to control and comfort conditions especially when coordinating with the elegance of vertical blinds, the style of rollers or the simplicity or Venetians.

Our pleated blinds come with the choice of white or brown rails and the option for free-hanging to come with cord control or a handle.

Keeping the Perfect Shape……the Unipleat way

Unipleat is a unique pleat retention system designed to eliminate the problems normally associated with conventionally made pleated blinds and ensures that perfect 'day one' appearance is always retained. This applies to both roof and free-hanging blinds.

Without Unipleat the pleats drop out leaving the fabric flat at the top of the blind.

The Unipleat system means the blind always retains its perfect shape.