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Roller Blinds

With an extensive selection of nearly 300 fabrics we can supply a range of roller blinds to grace your home, or the most demanding commercial application.

Roller blinds offer a variety of shading options, offering a choice from diffusing light to shutting it out altogether. Reflective coatings on the reverse of some fabrics offer the optimum control of solar heat and light acting as a barrier to heat loss.

Many of our prints are available in 'soft cloth', making them perfect for curtains, tie-backs, cushions and other soft furnishings.

We offer a wide range of shaped finishes to personalise your blind, whether you prefer a traditional or more contemporary look. Poles and finials can be used to complement some of the shapes - choose from natural style in a variety of wood finishes or modern brass and metal effects.

Accessorise your blind further with braids and pulls. Simply match the braid to your chosen fabric to give you the finished look. Pulls add a perfect finishing touch, there are lots to choose from. The collection features an extensive choice of natural wooden, brightly coloured classic and clear modern pulls.

As standard Side Winder rollers come with white PVC chain, but can also be supplied with metal chrome chain.

The attic room with its incline window as well as the tilt and turn windows can be accommodated with a special range of Velux blinds some of which can also provide total blackout where required.

If you want to make it safe, make it Senses

The Senses 'Slow-Rise' is a chain and cord 'loop free' system making it one of the safest roller blind systems available on the market today. We also offer a standard chain operated Senses system with a full range of safety components and additional aesthetic features.

Dress Your Windows With Style

Combining the most desirable features with sleek & innovative design at its heart, the Senses Roller Blind System will impress, inspire and make luxury a truly attainable everyday asset.

  • One Touch Operation
    Adjustable 'rise' speed allows you ultimate control for sleek, one touch operation
  • Adjustable Settings
    Set blind to 'rise' and 'stop' at your preferred height
  • No Chains Or Loops
    The ultimate in safety features
  • Simple To Install
    With a minimum of fuss
  • No Gaps
    A better fit with extendable end-caps
  • Co-ordinated Fascias
    Complete the luxurious look