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Design Ideas

Here we try to give you a few tips as to which blinds can be fitted where in your home.
Although any blind can be fitted anywhere, there are always things to watch out for.
An example would be the blinds in your kitchen - can you wash or sponge clean them if they get splashes from your cooker or kitchen sink?


Venetian blinds not only look great, they are made of aluminium so can be easily wiped clean.

So can Rigid PVC Vertical blinds - they are hard wearing and can be wiped clean. To make cleaning even easier, the slats can be easily un-hooked from the track.


We have many moisture-resistant fabrics which are suitable for use in your bathroom.
The most popular bathroom blind is a Roller blind, since many fabrics in this range can be sponge cleaned.

Roller blinds don't have to be plain!
We have a wide range of finishes to choose from to accessorise your blind, including scalloped finishes, tassels and rings pulls, which can add style and individuality to a simple blind.


Any type of blind is suitable for your lounge. Since it is a focal point of most houses, it is important to select the right look to complement your décor.

Depending on personal taste, each blind has something different to offer.
Our Roman blinds add a modern and stylish feel to any room, whereas Venetian blinds are the more traditional choice.

Wooden Venetian blinds add warmth and a luxurious feel to any room, and you can choose from a wide range of colours and tapes to complement your blind.


Any blind is suitable for a bedroom.
Perhaps you would prefer a dim-out blind for those long summer nights, or maybe you work shifts and require a total blackout.

Roman blinds add a feminine touch, and can be fitted outside the recess eliminating the need for curtains, giving a minimalistic look to your room.

As a contrast to this, Venetian and Vertical blinds add a sleek stylish look to any room.


The main issue in conservatories is heat control, and for roof blinds we recommend Pleated blinds.
Many pleated fabrics come with a reflective backing. This reflects heat and helps to keep your conservatory cool in the summer, but retaining heat in the winter.

For the sides of a conservatory, Pleated blinds can be supplied to match your roof blinds.
However, depending on your requirements for heat control, Vertical blinds or even Venetian blinds are suitable to give a stylish finish.


Loft/Attic Rooms

We are an approved supplier for Velux blinds, and these come in many different colours.

From Siesta Rollers offering blackout and turning day into night, to Pleated blinds which soften the incoming light.

Many fabrics have a reflective backing, which reflects excess heat from the sun in the hot summers, whilst in winter it retains the heat creating a more pleasant environment.