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Motorised Blinds

No more running around the room to lower the blinds and close the curtains! Take care of television glare or create your preferred ambience by operating your motorized blinds from the comfort of your armchair!!

A variety of solutions for all blind types!

Motors can be used to motorize the majority of blinds available. Whether it's a Roller, Venetian, Vertical, Pleated or Roman – We have it covered!

Enhance your lifestyle with motorized blinds!

Save time and enjoy life more as your motorized blinds do all the work for you. Depending on your preference, we will recommend the motor and the control to suit you requirements.

A Quiet Motor
With Sonesse® system, your blinds will operate smoothly and quietly.
100% wireless installation
The battery powered motors for blinds eliminate the need for wiring.
Individual or group control
You can control all motorized blinds individually or as a group from a single remote handset!
"my" favourite position
Set a favourite position and recall it at the touch of a button!


One of the benefits of a motorized blind is that it eliminates the requirement for an operating cord.

The blind operating cord presents a potential health and safety risk to children as there is a risk of entanglement.

Selecting a motorized blind and eliminating the operating cord solves this potential problem and provides a child safe blind solution.

Velux Motorised Blinds

Windows out of reach? Our range of electric blinds allow you to control the light at the touch of a button.