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Interior Shutters

Plantation shutters were originally designed as an external window covering for hot climates.

Now they are used internally because they offer versatility in light, ventilation and privacy simply not possible with curtains or blinds.

Interior shutter with adjustable louvers can be designed in many different styles and come in a large range of louver sizes and colours. Shutters come in many different material and price options, the quality of our lowest price shutter (Seattle) is actually as good as the premium Vancouver Range, it is lower priced because of the material used and finishing required.

Exterior Shutters

Our range of exterior shutters can be coated from a choice of oil based stains or solid colour paint systems, including a custom colour option to match RAL colour charts or your chosen paint scheme.

Both Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch are ideal for exterior shutters due to their density, dimensional stability and resistance to moisture and decay, providing long term performance and low maintenance on all exterior building and joinery applications.

Reinforced engineered uprights and renewed stronger mortise and tenon joints ensure a robust and durable shutter panel system and are manufactured with a full three year warranty on panel structure and colour stability.

Our exterior shutter range is completely custom made to complement your architectural and design requirements, whether this be traditional or contemporary, and we can manufacture panels to suit special shapes to match your project.

With various options on shutter louvres including closed, semi-open or open you can add aspects of view, light, ventilation and privacy to your designs, and all exterior shutters are fully finished with powder coated stainless steel hardware ready for immediate installation.