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Why Choose Us?

We offer quality products at reasonable prices.We cater for all tastes with our wide selection of fabrics - from calm creams and whites to vibrant reds and oranges.

We have a solution for any window - conservatory roofs, tilt and turn windows, bay windows, and all other types.

We not only have the perfect solution for your window blinds but we have a vast selection of ready made curtains and curtain poles to add the finishing touch to your room.

Why not choose your blinds in the comfort of your own home by arranging for our sales representative to give you a FREE no obligation quotation. Please contact us, or visit one of our shops in West Lothian and throughout Central Scotland.

We bring all our sample books and even display models to your home, and we can send samples in the post if required.

We have over 25 years experience in the business, and the majority of our blinds come with an 18 year guarantee.